W E E K L Y   S C H E D U L E


  • Pre- Service Prayer
  • Ministry Rotations through our Sunday Services. 
  • Team debrief


  • Study Hall and Academic Time. 


  • Leadership, Life, and Ministry Course
  • Ministry Rotations


  • GCLI Practicum Course
  • Ministry


  • Team devotions
  • Weekly update meeting
  • Academic Time
  • Live SEU Course


Days off to work on academics or part-time employment


Welcome to Lakeland! 

Located in between two major cities, Tampa and Orlando, the Lakeland area has a lot to offer. 


Downtown Lakeland 

Filled with locally-owned restaurants, coffee shops, and a local market every Saturday morning, Downtown Lakeland is not to missed. There are several events that happen downtown throughout the year, such as the Lakeland Food Truck Rally and Christmas Parade. 


Disney world orlando and disney springs shopping center

Located just about 45 minutes away, Disney World in Orlando is one the happiest places on earth! There are four theme parks, water parks, and a public shopping center (Disney Springs) that has some of the best food spots and shopping around. 

801 E. Main

This is a Lakeland MUST! 801 E. Main offers a great place to meet up with friends, order coffee and beignets, and listen to live local music. 

clearwater beach & Tampa, Fl

For those warm summer days, Clearwater beach is a perfect nearby destination. Make a stop in Tampa to experience all the shopping, restaurants, coffee shops and more the "Lightning Capital of the World" has to offer.

lakeside village shopping center

Located in a central spot of Lakeland, this is a great place to hang out with friends. Whether it's getting dinner with friends, seeing a movie, doing some shopping, or just walking around, there's something for everyone here.